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DIA exterior at night
DIA exterior at night

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Read on to hear what people are saying about the DIA, both in the media and from the general public. Below you will find In the News, which features a selection of media coverage of the museum, and On Your Mind, which includes visitor feedback from our website and social media sites.

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Hoping to get there more often from now on - love how residents of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties can come for free, having passed that amazing funding proposal!

— Nancy Federman Kaplan

I so enjoyed our visit on Sunday. My first visit I remember as a 6th grader 35 years ago. It was a real treat to visit this Detroit gem and share with my own family.

— Lisa Lipscomb

The Faberge exhibit was fantastic. My first time to the DIA yesterday! Was also thrilled to see the Picasso/Matisse exhibit. A great experience all around...

— Anne Sturtevant

Last night's Museum Mystery Tour was really amazing. The mood and the eerie noises among the exhibits contributed to a great Halloween activities. The sleepwalkers were one of my favorite parts of the evening. Keep up the great programming!

— Fai Foen

Thank you for hosting all of our 8th graders from Hartland. My son's group was given an assignment by the teacher to pick a piece of art that "moved you" and then write a piece of poetry. He wrote a 3 page poem, that amazed me, all from a story he created when he looked at...Syria by the Sea. I am one proud momma. So DIA thank you for the experience, I will never forget it.

— Jenn'Dave Vargo Chodyniecki