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DIA exterior at night
DIA exterior at night

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Hoping to get there more often from now on - love how residents of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne Counties can come for free, having passed that amazing funding proposal!

— Nancy Federman Kaplan

I so enjoyed our visit on Sunday. My first visit I remember as a 6th grader 35 years ago. It was a real treat to visit this Detroit gem and share with my own family.

— Lisa Lipscomb

The Faberge exhibit was fantastic. My first time to the DIA yesterday! Was also thrilled to see the Picasso/Matisse exhibit. A great experience all around...

— Anne Sturtevant

Last night's Museum Mystery Tour was really amazing. The mood and the eerie noises among the exhibits contributed to a great Halloween activities. The sleepwalkers were one of my favorite parts of the evening. Keep up the great programming!

— Fai Foen

Thank you for hosting all of our 8th graders from Hartland. My son's group was given an assignment by the teacher to pick a piece of art that "moved you" and then write a piece of poetry. He wrote a 3 page poem, that amazed me, all from a story he created when he looked at...Syria by the Sea. I am one proud momma. So DIA thank you for the experience, I will never forget it.

— Jenn'Dave Vargo Chodyniecki

One of the best places to go in Detroit, the DIA.. Here everyone of all ages will learn not only about art, but what inspired the artist in their creations. A beautiful place....

— Antonio Cancel

DIA is the friendliest major museum in the country!

— George S. Caramanna

The DIA is such a treasure! Definitely going to the film theater this weekend, and the Picasso-Matisse exhibit soon afterward. Check it out--it's free for Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb county residents. You already paid for it, so go enjoy it!! 

— Ann Mather Gee

My mother and I were at the DIA today to see the Matisse/Picasso exhibit and the Vermeer. The museum was hopping with great energy and the exhibits are wonderful. The Vermeer positively glows with light:)

— Wendy Chessin

I just saw the Five Spanish Masterpieces today....FANTASTIC. So glad I was finally able to see it before it ends. I also made sure to see Vermeer's Woman Holding a Balance...small, but extraordinary! A nice little Dutch treat after the wonderful Rembrandt exhibit. So thankful the millage passed so we can keep the DIA the world-class museum that it is!

— Doral Abrahim

I miss the DIA often since we moved from Michigan. It's a jewel.

— Susan Fisher

I am one of the happiest people in the world right now, knowing that my absolute favourite art museum is still going strong. Thank you everyone who donated!

— Max Fangboner

I was thrilled to view Diego Rivera's magnificent Detroit Industry murals at the Detroit Institute of Arts this past Saturday. Just one of the many treasures in this wonderful museum.

— Marilyn Murray

I brought my family last week to the DIA. We moved out of state 10 years ago and none of my 4 children had ever been to the DIA. It was amazing! I have a teenager who has cancer and he spent 1/2 an hour in his wheelchair staring at the Diego Rivera mural and listening to the descriptions. My younger boys loved the armor, Egyptian and medieval collections while my daughter was entranced by the French impressionists. She even told me that she would like to have a wedding reception there. Detroit and Michigan are so lucky to have such a wonderful place to enjoy art. I can't believe that there are issues with funding :( Beauty is Priceless...

— Rebecca Defibaugh-Bohn

I love my DIA!

— Mary Burck

Several years ago I was a volunteer at the DIA. I was a greeter and an usher for the theatre. Went to luncheons, acting classes and exhibits. Very interesting place to frequent.

— Brenda Scott

It was my first time at DIA. I was enthralled by the most exquisite collection of art from all facets in history I've ever seen. I've never gotten so lost in beauty as I did at your museum. Speechless. Thank you for what you do.

— Eric Decker

Loved the Patti Smith photo exhibit... intimate, personal... lovely. Thank you for having it. Well worth seeing.

— Christina Brooks

Saw InsideOut on Mackinac Island last week. Thank you DIA!

— Anne Decker-Beck

We loved having Inside Out in Farmington. It's great to see it in Detroit now.

— Karen Agard Meyer

Love the DIA InsideOut in Wyandotte!

— Louanne Kivlin-Sutowski

Had a wonderful Sunday last weekend at the DIA! The cafe is excellent. I love the chili!

— Christopher Hill

I LOVE the DIA. I've been wanting to go again so bad for the last 2 yrs.

— Alex Camp

One of my favorite places in the world.

— Elaine Baker

Summer Project: Building a curricular unit centered on the Rivera mural! Super excited!!

— June Teisan

Just visited this fab museum, wish I could spend many more hours there!

— Pamela Polston

LOVE this place. What a great way to spend a Sunday and all for free. :-}

— Carol Spence

My son is really looking forward to camp at the DIA!

— Becky Bernard Thomas

Looking forward to seeing Patti Smith tomorrow at the DIA.

— Vicky Billington

My daughter learned a lot about the Rivera painting. Thank you to the wonderful docents!

— Janna Bissett