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DIA exterior at night
DIA exterior at night

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When I was a kid, I used to take the 6 Mile/McNichols bus to Woodward, transfer to the Woodward bus and spend the whole day at the DIA. Good Times!

— Grace Smith

Detroit has SO MUCH potential! And the DIA is one of the largest factors supporting it! What an incredible place!

— Eric Birkle

Went to the DIA today for the first time, although I moved to metro Detroit in 2000. I wish I'd gone before because it is BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely love it and can't wait to go back!

— Lisa Perry Rathbun

Support the DIA and all it has to offer in the arts.

— Sharon Lonskey

It was so neat to visit the Kunstmuseum in Basel, Switzerland and see a Renoir on loan from our own DIA!

— Jan Martinez

PuppetARTS Sleeping Beauty was aMazing today! My four year old can't stop talking about it! "When the lights go out, the puppets come ALIVE!" with wonder in her voice! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon!

— Lynn Anglebrandt

I have loved and supported the DIA, since I arrived here from Chicago in 1957. It remains one of the city's crown jewels.

— Doreen McPhail Kohr

En Abril voy a estar en su bella ciudad y espero ir a su museo por principios de Mayo me encanta su museo tiene algo magico.Dios los bendiga mucho amor y pensamientos positivos desde un calido lugar llamado Mexicali para ustedes grandiosos seres humanos.LA CULTURA NO TIENE FRONTERAS.

— Tita Gonzalez

Cannot wait to get my membership card in the mail :) I have a feeling I will be hanging out very often!

— Julie Johnston

My Olszewski family who all live in the Detroit area turned me on to the DIA over 30 years ago. I absolutely love it and so did my kids when they visited Grandma and Papa. It was sometimes DIA and the Science Museum, and they always had great children programs. Thank you, Detroit.

— Cathy Campbel-Olszewski

My favorite is...Brunch with Bach, and to visit great exhibits and have lunch in the cafeteria...they serve great food. Movies at the DIA theatre are great as well....all in all a fabulous place to visit.

— Olga Cantu

Inspired and amazed by the mummy exhibit at the @DIADetroit when I was a kid. Now years later I get to visit the #valleyofthekings. Awesome

— Shane Parus

I wonder if you could pass on to the entire staff of the museum how much I appreciate their exceptional welcome, courtesy, and attentive help during my visit last week. It was across the board; it was obvious that everyone who works and volunteers there supports the DIA 100% +. This makes me love you even more. I will not stay away from you good friends for so long this time.

— Thornapple River

My 4th grade art students LOVED their DIA field trip yesterday!!!!!!!!!! What a fun place for kids (and adults!) to visit :-)

— Candace DeTone

Excited to bring my daughters for a visit this Saturday, my almost 9 year old Loves art, hoping this upcoming visit will spark even more artistic creativity in her.

— Amanda R. Jones

Marvelous museum with fantastic programs on weekends. A great place for lunch and gift shopping, too. A true jewel in Michigan's crown.

— Yvonne Healy