Grants: Looking to the Future, Giving Today

One of the major functions of the Founders Junior Council is to raise funds for the DIA, and in this capacity the FJC has a substantial impact on the future of the museum. Funds raised by the group are distributed through grants to departments for specific purposes. Following is a list of our recent major grants to the museum.

2013 Grants

Endowment Campaign: $500,000 gift to the unrestricted operating endowment, helping to secure the DIA’s long-term legacy for generations to come.  

2011 Grants

125th Anniversary Campaign Gift: Funding of the left case of the Paul McPharlin Puppet Collection $200,000

Puppet & Family Sundays Program:  Program Support for one year $50,000

2009 Grants

  • Curatorial Department: Funding of 2009-10 Arts and Minds Brochure- $7,310
    Education Department: Drop-in workshops- $30,000
    Manoogian Challenge: $20,000

2001 Grants

  • European Paintings Department: Acquisition of antique period frame for Poussin's Selene and Endymion — $35,000

2000 Grants

  • Native American Art Department: Acquisition of Great Lakes Native American Spoon — $25,000
  • European Sculpture and Decorative Arts Department: Reinstallation and reinterpretation of the 16th- and 17th-Century French Collection — $48,000

1999 Grants

  • Department of American Art: Restoration of the pre-Civil War Gallery — $32,000
  • Graphic Arts Department: Installation of Robert Frank photographs

1998 Grants

  • Twentieth Century Art Department and Education Department: Reinstallation of the 20th Century galleries — $55,000
  • Department of American Art: Restoration of two 19th Century American Landscape galleries — $40,000

1997 Grants

  • Graphic Arts Department: Acquisition of 14 photographs by Robert Frank — $20,000
  • Education Department: Establishment of a permanent collections video library — $24,800
  • European Sculpture and Decorative Arts and Conservation Departments: Conservation of the tapestry Saint Paul Before Porcius Sestus — $25,000
  • African, Twentieth Century and Graphic Arts Departments: Acquisition of a work by Jacob Lawrence — $5,000