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Frederic Edwin Church: Cotopaxi


 AMERICAN ART 2016-2017  SEASON    

Wednesday October 5, 2016
Rembrandt Peale's The Court of Death:  Exhibition Picture & Family Portrait
Speaker:  Carol Solits,  Associate Curator, Philadelphia Musuem of Art 
Wednesday November 30, 2016
"Silent Windblown Shrines": Abbott Thayer and the American Landscape
Speaker: Kevin Murphy, Senior Curator or American Art, Williams College Museum


Wednesday March 8, 2017
Stuart Davis: In full Swing
Speaker:  Harry Cooper, Curator of Modern Art,  National Gallery of Art
Wednesday June 14, 2017
The Mahogany Connection:  From Rainforest to Parlor in Early American
Speaker:  Jennifer Anderson,  Professor of History, Stony Brook University

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