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Saturday, December 08, 2007

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Sweden—1958—directed by Ingmar Bergman)

A traveling troupe of entertainers, led by the mysterious hypnotist and magician Dr. Vogler (Max von Sydow) ride through the night to 19th century Stockholm, where they will put on a private performance for a cynical medical officer who humiliated the troupe earlier. Part suspense film, part horror film and part metaphysical Gothic thriller, Bergman’s The Magician is also a portrait of con artistry worthy of David Mamet, as well as a tribute to, and a darkly sly parody of, the eternally seductive appeal of show business. As scary as much of The Magician is, Bergman himself referred to it as a comedy; that it’s both ironic and deeply funny at its core is undeniable, yet Bergman’s aforementioned categorization of this hair-raising work as “comedy” may tell us more about the great director himself than he realized. Special Jury Prize, Venice Film Festival. In Swedish with English subtitles. (101 min.)

“Fascinating and compelling. It is dark, moody, beautiful, and strongly, unexpectedly charming.” -Arthur Knight, Saturday Review