Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, October 20, 2007

4:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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Sister of Significant Suffering (Rebecca Albeck/Australia)

Beneath Miranda’s competent, tranquil exterior a restless spirit seeks identity and unconditional acceptance. What is it to belong and who are family ? (16 min.)

Bushman’s Secret (Rehad Desai & Richard Wicksteed/South Africa)

When South African filmmaker Rehad Desai travels to the Kalahari to investigate global interest in ancient Bushmen knowledge, he meets Jan van der Westhuizen, a fascinating Khomani San traditional healer. Jan’s struggle to live close to nature is hampered by centuries of colonial exploitation of the San Bushmen and of their land. Unable to survive as they once did hunting and gathering, the Khomani now live in a state of poverty that threatens to see the last of this community forever. (65 min.)