Detroit Film Theatre


Thursday, January 24, 2008

7:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(USA/1931) Directed by Charles Chaplin

A tramp (Charlie Chaplin) encounters a lovely young flower-seller (Virginia Cherrill) – who is blind – on the streets of the city. She’s under the mistaken impression that he’s wealthy, and, rather than disillusion her, he vows to not only keep his financial straits a secret, but to somehow find enough money to pay for the operation that might restore her sight. Yet this is merely plot; how does one begin to describe the brilliance of Chaplin’s sublime City Lights, one of the true masterpieces, and truly great experiences, in all cinema? Making a silent film (albeit with a full synchronized score) nearly four years after the introduction of sound was an astonishing risk on Chaplin’s part, but the movie still seems anything but old-fashioned. Chaplin’s never-dated comic genius is at its height in several legendary sequences, yet the film’s final moments are among the most moving in screen history, and were in fact described by critic James Agee as “the highest moment in movies.” Presented in a new 35mm print. (87 min.) Thu. at 7:30

“Truly magical… comes closest to representing all the different notes of Chaplin’s genius.”           -Roger Ebert, The Great Movies