Detroit Film Theatre


Friday, February 22, 2008

9:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(USA/2007) Directed by Mark Obenhaus

Shot in high-definition as well as film in Alaska, Wyoming, Canada, France and Iceland, Steep is a visually staggering new documentary about a sport that barely existed 35 years ago – big mountain skiing. It began in the 70s in the mountains of Chamonix, France, where skiers began to attempt descents so extreme they seemed suicidal. Now, two generations later, some of the world’s greatest (and most obsessed) skiers continue to pursue a sport where the prize is not winning, but simply experiencing a form of exhilaration and risk-taking that straddles a line between spirituality and madness. New lightweight cameras allow us to experience the vertiginous daring of such athletes as Bill Briggs, Stefano De Benedetti and Seth Morrison, as well as the legendary Doug Coombs, the character at the center of Steep, who died in a skiing accident days after his participation in this film was completed. It is Coombs’ fate that reveals the essential question at the heart of the film – just how does one weigh risk versus reward when life hangs in the balance? Tribeca Film Festival. (92 min.) Fri. and Sat. at 9:30; Sun. at 4:00 and 7:00

Steep’s production values are phenomenal.” -John Anderson, Variety