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Friday, July 25, 2008

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Italy/1961- directed by Pietro Germi)

Baron Cefalù (the brilliant Marcello Mastroianni) longs to marry his nubile cousin Angela (Stefania Sandrelli of The Conformist), but one obstacle stands in his way: his fawning wife, Rosalia (Daniela Rocca). His solution? Since divorce is illegal, he hatches a plan to lure Roslaia into the arms of another and then murder her in a justifiable effort to “save his honor.” Pietro Germi’s hilarious satire of Sicilian male-chauvinist culture won the 1962 Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, though it was originally conceived as a drama until it became apparent that the absurdity lurking at the story’s core was a bitterly funny comedy in disguise. (104 min.)

“One of Mastroianni’s greatest roles – he’s like Buster Keaton possessed by the devil. Years ahead of its time.” - Andrew O’Heir,