Detroit Film Theatre


Thursday, October 02, 2008

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Canada/2007-directed by Guy Maddin)

Returning by popular demand, Canadian wunderkind Guy Maddin’s (Brand Upon the Brain!) joyously demented, visionary, brilliantly witty new work is a personal (and personally narrated) fever dream about young Guy’s childhood in the wintry wilds of the hometown of his memories. Magical, hilarious and deviously insightful, Maddin’s ruminations on the town that shaped his sensibilities result in a surprisingly sweet and utterly unique memoir. Maddin describes his mixture of documentary and surrealism as “docu-tasia,” yet no word can come close to describing this extraordinary filmmaker’s command of his medium – his ability to fashion films that appear to be long-lost artifacts from a movie history that never quite existed, but which speak comically – and eloquently – to our collective imaginations. (78 min.)

“It’s a wonder. A rich, funny stew of fears and desires, splendidly unhinged.”     -Ty Burr, The Boston Globe