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Thursday, November 20, 2008

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Italy/2007/directed by Silvio Soldini)

A well-to-do couple, Elsa (Margherita Buy) and Michele (Antonio Albenese), have a 20 year-old daughter, Alice, and enough money for Elsa to leave her job and fulfill a long-time dream of studying art history. After she graduates, however, their lives change dramatically when Michele confesses he hasn't worked in two months, after being fired by the company he founded. Elsa overcomes her initial shock by pouring extra energy into facing the crisis while Michele, exhausted by an unsuccessful attempt at finding employment, is gripped by dramatic and unexpected mood swings, alternating between apathy and a strange exhilaration. As the couple’s world changes, so does their reaction to it; their relationship is altered in ways neither of them anticipated. Winner of Italy’s “Oscars” for Best Actress and Supporting Actress. (115 min.)

“Breathtaking, lyrical and poetic.” -Bob Mondello, NPR