Detroit Film Theatre


Sunday, November 30, 2008

2:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Germany/1931) Directed by G.W. Pabst

As waves of industrialization passed through Europe, art naturally reflected both the anxiety of a changing lifestyle and the growing political movements. The sunny landscapes of the Impressionist era are replaced with the grey views of factories and workers, especially among artists from Northern Europe. Kameradschaft follows the story of a mine, split between France and Germany after WWI. When miners become trapped in the French half, their German counterparts attempt a rescue. The beautifully shot film not only mirrors the bleak aesthetic of its counterparts in the exhibition Monet to Dalí: Modern Masters from the Cleveland Museum of Art, but touches on the historical significance of this interwar period. (93 min.)

Admission to all films presented in conjunction with the Monet to Dalí exhibition is free of charge.