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Saturday, April 11, 2009

4:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(France/1927directed by Raymond Bernard)

With his homeland partitioned and ruled by the Russian Empress, 18th century Polish nobleman Boleslas Vorowski heads a secret liberation movement. When wounded in battle, he finds refuge with Baron Wolfgang von Kempelen, an eccentric inventor who hides him inside a chess-playing automaton Turk. With the young freedom fighter secreted inside, the Turk vanquishes the Russians–if only on the chessboard. Based on Henri Dupuy-Mazuel’s novel about a chess-playing automaton that baffled the best minds of Europe and America–including Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allan Poe and Napoleon–The Chess Player features incredible set design and thousands of extras from the Polish cavalry, and was shot on location in Poland, France and Switzerland. The Chess Player will be shown in conjunction with the DIA exhibit Master Pieces: Chess Sets from the Dr. George and Vivian Dean Collection.

"One of the most fascinating productions of French silent cinema. Perfect!" —The Times (London)