Detroit Film Theatre

Special Event: LIVE IN TIME

Thursday, May 21, 2009

8:00 PM Theater

  • Fees Apply

LIVE IN TIME kicks off Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival Weekend, and is an exploration of intermedia art – sound creating image, and image creating sound. Featuring live performances by noted composer and intermedia artist Virgil  Moorefield ("Five Ideas About the relation of Sight and Sound"), Detroit's own powerhouse Nospectacle, and the compelling cross-medial creations of MergeLIVE IN TIME brings together three live performances between artists whose work lives in dual realms of sound and visuals. 

The performances focus on new ways of linking live music and visual representations using new technologies. The artists involved in LIVE IN TIME share certain aesthetic goals that are expressed in various ways-Moorefield's synesthetic representation of live acoustic music as realtime painting in motion; the transformation of pulsating electronic tracks into complex video landscapes of Merge; and the striking juxtapositions of image and sound achieved by Nospectacle . A forward-looking, up-to-the-minute event that's not to be missed by those who crave the new and unexpected!

LIVE IN TIME is a collaboration of the DIA Detroit Film Theatre, Detroit Summer, Amp, Paxahau Event Productions, CJAM 91.5FM, People Mover Productions and Judy Adams Music. For more information, visist