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Saturday, March 06, 2010

4:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(USA/2009—directed by Michel Orion Scott)

How far would you travel to heal someone you love? The Horse Boy follows one Texas couple and their autistic son as they trek on horseback through Outer Mongolia in an attempt to find healing for him. When two-year-old Rowan was diagnosed with autism, Rupert Isaacson, a writer and former horse trainer, sought the best medical care, but traditional therapies had little effect. Then he and his wife discovered that Rowan has a profound affinity for animals—particularly horses—and the family set off on a quest that would change their lives forever. The filmic companion to Isaacson’s best-selling book of the same name, this visually ravishing non-fiction odyssey suggests that even in life’s most challenging moments, one can still discover a gateway to the possibilities of joy and wonder. (93 min.)

“A lyrical, heartbreaking and deeply stirring meditation on the nature of autism.” –Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly