Detroit Film Theatre

THE LAST LAUGH with live piano by David Drazin

Saturday, March 20, 2010

4:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

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(Germany/1924—directed by F.W. Murnau)

The proud, resplendently uniformed doorman at a great Berlin hotel (played unforgettably by the legendary Emil Jannings) is devastated by his demotion to washroom attendant; his shame and disgrace is such that he can’t bring himself to tell his family or neighbors, electing instead to cover up the situation – even going so far as to steal his old uniform to wear to his daughter’s wedding. Made at the height of Germany’s “Golden Age” of silent filmmaking, Murnau’s mastery of innovative, ingenious camera techniques to enhance and enrich the fluidity of his storytelling changed the face of cinema worldwide, marking a moment when the possibilities of the still-young art form made a single, gigantic stride forward. And the unexpected ending – as suggested in the title – is as richly satisfying as ever.

The Last Laugh, featuring a live piano score by David Drazin, is a co-presentation of DFT and, celebrating the legacy of historic movie theaters in southeastern Michigan. (91 min.)

“In technique and in theory, it was this film that constituted the revolution.” -The Museum of Modern Art

The Last Laugh and all "DFT 101" films are free to current DIA members with ID.