Detroit Film Theatre


Thursday, April 29, 2010

7:00 PM

2009/Italy /directed by Giuseppe Tornatore)

The passions, dreams, hopes and delusions of an entire Sicilian community, Bagheria, as seen through the eyes of three generations:  from Ciccio Torrenuova, to his son Peppino, to his grandson Pietro. In the years of Fascism, Ciccio is a modest sheepherder who finds time to dedicate himself to his passion: books, poems of chivalry, and popular novels. During the food shortages of the Second World War, his son struggles against injustice and, although lacking education, he becomes passionate about politics, eventually becoming a member of the local government.  In the meantime, he meets and elopes with the woman of his life, Mannina, with whom he has five children. (150 Min.)

The Detroit premiere of BAARÌA is presented in conjunction with the opening night of the Italian Film Festival USA, which will continue in four other venues throughout the Detroit area through May 9. For other screening times and venues please visit
Sponsors of the Italian Film Festival USA include the Italian Cultural Institute of Chicago. The film sponsor of BAARÌA is the Dante Alighieri Society and Detroit Film Theatre. This event is free to the public.