Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, August 28, 2010

8:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

“WANTED: One actor to perform as death. Non-sqeemish types need only apply. Must be okay with long hours, blood, disease, murder and apple sauce. Contact: DEATH.” 
Actor and Director Ted Raimi returns home to Detroit to screen his web series, Playing Dead at the DFT. This dark comedy, written and starring Suzanne Keilly, is about a down on her luck actress that takes a part time job as Death to pay the bills. Produced and shot by Kurt Rauf and scored by Curtis RX, the evening benefits Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit and includes live music by Troy Gregory and Lightening Love, Q& A with Raimi and Keilly, and the work of Detroit artist SLAW.  For more information please call (313) 872-6910