Detroit Film Theatre


Thursday, November 04, 2010

7:00 PM

Canada/2010-Directed by Louis Bélanger

Veteran director Louis Bélanger, one of Quebec’s most consistently intriguing filmmakers, returns to the with Route 132, a powerful and affecting examination of grief and rebirth. After a tragic and devastating loss, middle-aged professor Gilles runs into Bob, a childhood friend who now hustles sketchy goods for a living and sometimes commits small-time crimes. Bob and Gilles get to talking and consuming large quantities of beer. Soon enough, Bob convinces the near suicidal Gilles to head to the countryside to rob a bank. Unable to cope, Gilles agrees and embarks on a journey through rural Quebec which, perhaps inadvertently, becomes a journey through his and his family’s past. Bélanger both critiques and celebrates the traditional valourization of the countryside in Québécois society (and cinema) while pointing out that the old rural Quebec is now a myth, a thing of the past. The soldiers that he and Bob encounter are nothing if not global citizens. As the film proceeds, it becomes clear that Gilles’s and Bob’s opportunities for redemption and rebirth lie less in the past than within themselves. With Route 132, Bélanger again shows us why he’s one of Quebec’s most respected filmmakers.

2010 CAN/AM GRAND PRIX OF CINEMA: The DFT and Windsor International Film Festival (WIFF) will present four current films, two Canadian and two American, to be screened at the DFT and Windsor's Capitol Theatre. The entries will be selected by both organizations and, most significantly, Detroit and Windsor audiences will select the winner of the 2010 Can/ AM Grand Prix Peoples’ Choice Award. For more information about WIFF, visit