Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, April 30, 2011

10:00 AM Detroit Film Theatre

The Michigan Student Film & Video Festival is unique in the nation for providing a public venue for the work of students in grades K-12, as well as giving recognition and significant awards to young media artists. DAFT is proud to present The Michigan Student Film and Video Festival, now in its 43rd year, with our co-sponsor The Detroit Film Theatre at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and support from The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs and The Kresge Foundation.



More Interesting Info About the Film Festival…

-The main goal of the Festival is to provide encouragement and support to young people who are already using media by acknowledging their efforts, rewarding their finest accomplishments and offering opportunities for study and advancement.

-Every entry is reviewed by educational and media professionals and their feedback gets sent to students.


-In recognition of its work DAFT was awarded the 2006 Governor’s Award for Arts & Culture. DAFT’s mission is to promote media literacy through the creative use of film and video.

-The American Film Institute says that DAFT’s Michigan Student Film & Video Festival is the oldest festival in the nation providing public recognition for the work of students in grades K-12. In fact, many young people who got their first public exposure through this Festival have gone on to professional careers. And a few of them have even gotten awards at that really huge film festival known as the Oscars.