Detroit Film Theatre


Friday, July 15, 2011 – Saturday, July 16, 2011

9:30 PM

A series of refreshingly new British films, assembled by The Film Society of Lincoln Center




(UK/2011directed by Debs Gardner-Paterson)

The extraordinary story of three Rwandan children who walk 3000 miles to South Africa, hoping to attend the Soccer World Cup. Using a sack load of ingenuity and sass (and a World Cup wall chart for a map), our pint-sized protagonists set off through the endless horizons of Africa in pursuit of an unlikely dream. And as they walk they gather a tribe - a ragamuffin team - of broken and brilliant characters who help them negotiate a way through a series of glorious, dangerous, hilarious and often bizarre situations. Through their adventures, we will encounter an Africa few people ever get to see; experience the hard reality of an epic walk through seven countries; as well as the joy, laughter and hope - 'the ubuntu' - that comes from making an incredible journey together. (98 min.)

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