Detroit Film Theatre


Thursday, October 20, 2011

7:30 PM DFT Auditorium

Can a psychedelic plant release your demons? Detroit legendary rock-and-roller and provocateur, Dimitri Mugianis, returns to his hometown with a film about an underground adventure into shamanic  ritual that changed his life. I'm Dangerous With Love features Dimitri Mugianis, once the heavily addicted front man for the Detroit band Leisure Class, who finally ended his long drug and alcohol addiction with an experimental treatment that uses the hallucinogen Ibogaine, and now devotes his life to helping others overcome addiction through the treatment.

"A haunting, visceral exploration of addiction and one contemporary man's fearless and determined quest for healing and redemption through the ancient wisdom of the Bwiti and their 'magical' plant, Iboga." Charles Shaw, AlterNet


“A powerhouse: brutally honest, hilarious, incisive, heroic. It capture’s a character who lives against the odds. Negroponte doesn’t just go the extra mile to capture story and character – he goes an extra light year and takes the audience with him.”

Sheffield Doc/Fest
"Negroponte turns a compassionate eye on the world of drug addiction, and one man's personal passionate crusade to rescue the addicted, one addict at a time."Ross McElwee, Filmmaker 


Filmmaker and subject will be in attendance and will do a Q & A with the audience. Free for FDFT members.