Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, April 07, 2012

4:00 PM

(USA/1957—directed by Jack Arnold)

Scott Carey (Grant Williams) is a typical ‘50s husband, living an uncomplicated, middle-class existence with wife Louise (Randy Stuart) when he unexpectedly passes through a mysterious mist, followed by a misguided spray of insecticide. The effects on Scott are minor at first – a newly laundered shirt that seems too large – but soon there’s no mistake. Scott’s getting smaller by the day, and medical science can find no way to stop the process. Jack Arnold’s low-budget but surprisingly effective science-fiction classic is based on a thoughtful novel and screenplay by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend), who resisted studio pressure to “dumb down” the plot, instead driving Scott’s adventure toward a philosophically profound and transcendental conclusion – especially when compared to most other 50s sci-fi thrillers. Sets and special effects (a newly threatening house cat and a menacing basement spider) helped to make The Incredible Shrinking Man a hit; in 2009 it was selected for preservation by the Library of Congress’ National Film Registry. (81 min.)

“A moving assertion of what it really means to be alive… a pulp masterpiece.” –Geoff Andrew, Time Out Film Guide

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Saturday, April 7 at 4:00 PM