Detroit Film Theatre

Detroit Revealed on Film: GROWN IN DETROIT

Thursday, February 23, 2012

7:00 PM DFT Auditorium

(USA/Netherlands-2010-directed by Mascha & Manfred Poppenk)


Grown in Detroit focuses on the urban gardening efforts managed by the Catherine Ferguson Academy, a public school of 300, mainly African-American, pregnant and parenting teenagers. As part of the curriculum, the girls are taught agricultural skills on the school's own farm located behind the school building in what used to be the playground. The young mothers, often still children themselves, are learning by farming to become more independent women and knowledgeable about the importance of nutritional foods. “We love Detroit and its residents. Sure it could be in a better shape, but it’s one of the few cities left with such beautiful architecture, history, community spirit and nature. During the past 50 years the city has lost more than half of its population, and this was devastating for those residents who didn’t have the choice to leave. What choice do you have if you're born into this city? You have to try to make the best of it. But what are the odds of succeeding in America if you are born a female, of African American descent, out of a teen mother and becoming one yourself… small, very small. At a time when things feel they can't get much worse, we see hope and promise emerge. Catherine Ferguson Academy in Detroit is one out of only three schools in the U.S for pregnant and parenting teens. Taking care of animals, growing produce, earning money to do so, is helping to shape these dejected girls into strong, independent and hopeful women.” –Mascha & Manfred Poppenk

Detroit Revealed on Film is presented in conjunction with the DIA exhibition Detroit Revealed: Photographs 2000-2010. The films range from bold experiments such as a 3D film shot in the abandoned Packard complex (plant), a tribute to the storied Grande Ballroom (Louder than Love), a kaleidoscopic look at the aspirations of Detroit's citizens and civic leaders (Detroit/State Theater) and documentaries about grass-roots efforts at revitalization and the urban agriculture movement (After the Factory, Grown in Detroit and Urban Roots). For complete program information click on the Detroit Revealed on Film link.



Thursday February 23 at 7:00PM