Detroit Film Theatre

Detroit Revealed on Film: AFTER THE FACTORY

Thursday, February 02, 2012

7:00 PM DFT Auditorium


(USA/2011—directed by Philip Lauri)

The global economy is in crisis.  More and more businesses are outsourcing their manufacturing.  And former industrial towns—whether they’re in Ohio, Mississippi, or Poland—are left asking the question, ‘What comes after the factory?’  For questions like this, the best answers come from the people who have been there.
Detroit, Michigan has been running on fumes since the fall of the auto industry and Poland’s textile industry in Lodz has been hanging by a thread since the fall of communism.  In both cities, their populations have fled, their unemployment has spiked, and now, they’re both knee-deep in the pressures of re-building their economies. After the Factory presents an opportunity to learn from these two diametrically different cultures as their entire way of life transitions to something new.  Stories from the citizens are inspiring.  Ideas from community leaders are thought-provoking.  Free-thinking entrepreneurs are putting a new spin on traditional concepts of growth. Change is inevitable. And as the people in each city propel Detroit and Lodz into the future, this trans-continental dialogue allows the global community to see how these fallen giants, troubled as they are, just might be the innovators writing the new rulebook for next generation cities.  
Following the screening there will be a panel discussion with director Philip Lauri, Margaret Garry of the German Marshall Fund, Pastor Haman Cross Jr. of Rosedale Baptist Church, WDET reporter Martina Guzman, and activist and author Grace Lee Boggs. Audiences members will then be invited to join the panelists for an afterglow in the Crystal Gallery Cafe.
Detroit Revealed on Film is presented in conjunction with the DIA exhibition Detroit Revealed: Photographs 2000-2010. The films range from bold experiments such as a 3D film shot in the abandoned Packard complex (plant), a tribute to the storied Grande Ballroom (Louder than Love), a kaleidoscopic look at the aspirations of Detroit's citizens and civic leaders (Detroit/State Theater) and documentaries about grass-roots efforts at revitalization and the urban agriculture movement (After the Factory, Grown in Detroit and Urban Roots). For complete program information click on the Detroit Revealed on Film link.
Thursday, February 2 at 7:00 PM