Detroit Film Theatre

Detroit Revealed on Film: state-theatre #4 DETROIT

Thursday, April 26, 2012

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(USA, Germany/2010—directed by Daniel Kötter and Constanze Fischbeck)

Detroit, once America’s center for auto-industry and theater, was shrinking to a third of its population. What used to be the space for theatrical presentation, nowadays presents the urban crisis. What once was private space became public open space for societal negotiation. The city became a theater itself. In front of the backdrop of former Michigan theater, today a parking garage for the adjacent office building, the film stages the performative discourse of six locations, six neighborhoods, and six Detroiters: „...we’re sort of talking about Detroit in a way that it itself is a theater, that it itself is the object to behold.“
state-theatre is a series of six experimental documentaries that explore urban conditions for performance based on six case studies in Lagos, Tehran, Berlin, Detroit, Beirut and Mönchengladbach. state-theatre departs from places that have shed their apparent societal functions: deserted areas, construction sites, unused or reinterpreted buildings – empty spaces in the urban fabric, places that were originally meant as allegoric gathering places: theaters. 

Daniel Kötter has been implementing experimental approaches to the formats of theatrical and musical performance, collaborative models for artists and non-artists, video art in the context of different formats of presentation – exhibitions, live performances, film, with a particular interest in multi-channel video installations and alternative concert formats. His series of “state-theatre  films has been developed in collaboration with Constanze Fischbeck since 2010 in Lagos, Teheran and Berlin. Constanze Fischbeck has developed a series of works that explore the function of society in cities like Magdeburg, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Sarajevo, Lagos, Tehran and Detroit. "State-theater" is her second collaboration with Daniel Kötter.

Detroit Revealed on Film is presented in conjunction with the DIA exhibition
), a kaleidoscopic look at the aspirations of Detroit's citizens and civic leaders (). For complete Detroit Revealed: Photographs 2000-2010. The films range from bold experiments such as a 3D film shot in the abandoned Packard complex (plant), a tribute to the storied Grande Ballroom (Louder than LoveDetroit/State Theater) and documentaries about grass-roots efforts at revitalization and the urban agriculture movement (After the Factory, Grown in Detroit and Urban Roots) For Detroit Revealed on Film program information click on the Detroit Revealed on Film link.