Detroit Film Theatre

Alliance Francaise Comedy Film Shorts Series

May 31, 2013

7:00pm-8:30pm Free to the Public DFT Auditorium

 The Alliance Francaise Comedy Film Shorts Series features short films from the popular Eurochannel network.  Known for its vast selection of modern films from every corner of Europe, the Eurochannel films take viewers on a whirlwind tour of European culture.  The Film series is part of the month-long Alliance Française French Institute of Michigan's Euro-American Celebration, highlighting the European Union and United States friendship.  AFFIM has been sharing its love for the French language and culture for over 35 years.  For more information on the French Institute contact  This series is free for the public.
 Featured Selections:
 Carrier of Men (France/2010-directed by Antarès Bassis)
   Franck is no longer satisfied working for his family's moving business.  Over the protests of his father, Franck finds a new way to use his strengths. (30 min.)
Dawid and Dominik (Poland/UK/2012-directed by Andy Salamonczyk)
   Dominik and Dawid move to England following the death of Dawid's mother.  When Dominik loses his job at the local pie factory, he puts all of his energy into coaching Dawid on everything from cooking to playing the accordian.  Dawid decides that it's time for his father to find a new woman, and takes it upon himself to interview prospective candidates.  (6 min.)
(Iceland/ 2010-directed by Logi Hilmarsson)
   A wheelchair bound young man convinces his best friend to meet his incredible new girlfriend.  They meet in a park, and all is going very well until the young woman starts talking about visitors from outerspace.  (19 min.)
(German Switzerland/ 2008-directed by This Luscher)
In a remote cabin in the Alps a man is watching Switerland’s national soccer team playing the finals of the EURO 2008 when the TV goes out. The man is forced to take the rest of the game into his own hands.  ( 3 min.)
(Germany: Berlin/ 2010-directed by Phil Traill)
A man walking through a park finds a rope hanging from the sky.  Apprehensively, he pulls the string and day turns to night.  He begins to have fun with the power he wields, until the rope breaks. (5 min)
The Last Tour
(Finland/ 2010-directed by  Wille Hyvonen)
Seppo, a 62 year old man, has been driving a sightseeing bus his entire life.  After getting fired from his job, he escapes to his summer cottage, taking the bus with him.  Little does he know, he has brought something along that will change his future. (16 min.)
(Netherlands/2010-directed by  Daan Bakker)
A savvy twelve year old boy takes on the persona of world-famous writer Charles Bukowski during a one night stay in an Amsterdam hotel. (10 min)