Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, August 31, 2013

7:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(Mexico/2012—directed by Antonio Mendez Esparza)

Returning home to a small mountain village in Guerrero, Mexico after years of working in the US, Pedro (Pedro de los Santos) finds his daughters older, and more distant than he imagined, though his wife is ecstatic to have him back. Having saved some of his earnings, he hopes to now finally make a better life with his family, and even to pursue his dreams on the side by starting a band. Work, however, remains scarce, and the temptation of returning north of the border – a place of hope that's always in his mind – remains as strong as ever. Using a cast of non-professionals, first-time director Antonio Mendez Esparza has, created a fresh, authentic, eloquently understated portrait of lives in a constant state of uncertainty, and the toll that it takes on one family. The film's richness of natural detail and delicately nuanced characterizations are reminiscent of the magic of Italy's neo-realist period, allowing each small, expressive moment to soar beyond cliché or easy stereotype. Main Slate Selection, 2012 New York Film Festival; Grand Prize, Cannes Film Festival's Critics Week. In Spanish with English subtitles. (110 min.)

“As simple, straightforward and elegant as its title.” –Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice

“Quietly devastating and beautifully observant.” –Jonathan Holland, Variety

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