Detroit Film Theatre

Saturday Animation Club: AZUR AND ASMAR

Saturday, August 24, 2013

3:00 PM DFT Auditorium

(France/Belgium/2006—directed by Michel Ocelot) Blonde, blue-eyed Azur and black-haired, brown-eyed Asmar are lovingly cared for as brothers by Asmar's gentle mother, who tells them magical stories of her faraway homeland and of the beautiful, imprisoned Djinn Fairy waiting to be set free. But when Azur's father, the master of the house, forces a separation, Azur is sent away to study, while Asmar and his mother are driven out, homeless and penniless.
Years later, as a young adult, Azur remains haunted by memories of the sunny land of his nanny, and sets sail across the high seas to find the country of his dreams. Arriving in a strange land, Azur is rejected by everyone he meets on account of his "unlucky" blue eyes, until finally he resolves never to open those eyes again. Yet blind though he is, little by little he discovers a beautiful if mysterious new land. Back in her homeland, Azur's nanny has become a wealthy merchant and Asmar has grown into a dashing horseman. Reunited – but as adversaries – the brothers set off on a dangerous quest to find and free the Djinn Fairy. A knockout work of richly textured animation and superb storytelling, Azur and Asmar was cheered at the New York Children’s Film Festival, and was an official selection of the Cannes and Toronto Film Festivals. In English. (99 min.)

“Dazzling and timeless! A story at once whimsical and epic. Eye-popping and elegant, it’s a richly satisfying affair.” –Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

“It’s hard to imagine a more transporting cinematic experience.” –Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

“Impossibly gorgeous! The year’s most beautiful animated film.” –

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