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Claude Monet: Gladioli

Gallery Tour: Art of the Grand Tour

Saturday, December 07, 2013

10:00 AM

From the artistic achievements of the Romans, to the creation of masterpieces by history’s foremost artists, Italy has long been an epicenter for western art.  For centuries, affluent Europeans—artists and intellectuals—traveled to Italy to learn the customs, art, and culture of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Naples among other cities.  Travel to Italy became ritualized during the eighteenth century, when young members of the English aristocracy took a “Grand Tour” of the peninsula as a way of consolidating their education.

The DIA’s extraordinary installation devotes various galleries to this famous cultural journey.  Please join Salvador Salort-Pons on a DIA Grand Tour of the most refined Italian cities through our world class collection.

Image:  Giovanni Paolo Panini, Ruins of a Triumphal Arch in the Roman Campagna, 1717/1719. Gift of James E. Scripps, 89.20.