Detroit Film Theatre


Friday, October 25, 2013

9:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(France/1950–directed by Rene Clair)

When Gérard Philipe's "second rate devil" Mephistopheles makes that famous pact with Michel Simon's forlorn alchemist Faust–one soul in return for sex, power, and youth, not to mention the secrets of the universe–the two exchange bodies, with the ancient Faust transformed into the handsome, dashing young Philipe, and vice versa. But then Philipe/Faust gets a peek at the post-atomic horrors to come. A neglected classic from the director of the great Le Million, the newly-restored La Beaute du Diable (The Beauty of the Devil) remains today–as does all of Clair's work–startlingly ahead of its time. (95 min.)

"Four Stars! Critics' Pick! A fascinating, forgotten 1950s fantasy... For all of the movie's visual gorgeousness, it stands as perhaps the most philosophical and the most modern of all Faust films. Essential movieness!" –Michael Atkinson, Time Out New York

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