Detroit Film Theatre


Sunday, January 05, 2014

2:00 PM DFT Auditorium

Watch Me Move is the most extensive animation exhibition ever mounted, featuring both iconic moments and rare masterpieces from the first 150 years of the medium. A spectacularly designed series of galleries allow visitors to stroll through an incredible array of animation techniques via more than 100 film segments from across generations and cultures.

Enhance your visit to Watch Me Move by attending an animation compilation in the historic Detroit Film Theatre. All exhibition visitors receive one free ticket for the films listed below; additional tickets are $5.00 each. Total running time for each film is approximately 60 min. 

Since the earliest days of animation, experimentation with the abstract, non-narrative possibilities of the movie screen as a channel for expression has appealed to such artists as Fernand Leger and Lotte Reiniger. Dispensing with traditional storylines, these works stimulate the viewer with the power of suggestion and the pure joy of motion. Program curated By Steve Stanchfield, Professor of Animation, Entertainment Arts, College for Creative Studies.


Symphonie Diagonal (1924)

Night on Bald Mountain (1933)

Free Radicals (1958)

Mothlight (1963)

Synchromy (1971)

Train Landscape (1974)

Animus (1982)

Darkness, Light, Darkness (1990)

Singing Sticks (2001)

Adinfinitum (2010)

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