Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, November 02, 2013

3:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

PLEASE NOTE: Saturday’s lecture by Leslie Iwerks is being rescheduled due to transportation delays caused by Friday’s cancellation of a massive number of flights at Los Angeles International Airport. Substituting for Leslie on Saturday will be Steve Stanchfield, Professor of Animation and Animation History at the College for Creative Studies. Steve will be covering many of the same topics, including the work of Leslie Iwerks’ illustrious grandfather Ub Iwerks, the original artist behind the creation of Mickey Mouse. Additionally, Steve will present a number of animated shorts and excerpts from his extensive collection of animated rarities. Admission for this talk will be free. Ticket holders for Leslie Iwerks’ cancelled lecture may either hold on to their tickets for her rescheduled appearance next year, or obtain a refund.


Leslie Iwerks is an Oscar®-nominated director, as well as the granddaughter of the famed Disney designer of Mickey Mouse, Ub Iwerks. She will chronicle the evolution of animation from the 1920s when her grandfather worked with Walt Disney through the era of computer animation that has revolutionized Hollywood. Sponsored by the Friends of Detroit Film Theater.