Detroit Film Theatre


Friday, May 30, 2014

9:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(Japan/2004—directed by Yoji Yamada)

Seibei Iguchi (Hiroyuki Sanada) is a low-ranking samurai living in nineteenth century Japan, as the fading days of the feudal Shogun period begin to give way to the Meiji Restoration. His wife has died of tuberculosis, and with two daughters and an elderly mother to support, he and his family must survive in austerity, and Seibei is forced to work in the fields and accept piecework to make ends meet. But when news of his sword-fighting prowess gets out, the samurai code of honor causes him to embark on a dangerous mission: to kill a renowned warrior who is on the wrong side of a clan power struggle. Yamada’s rarely-seen and unfairly neglected (in the U.S.) masterwork is one of the great modern films about the culture of the samurai. Winner, 12 Japanese Academy Awards. In Japanese with English subtitles. (129 min.)

“**** (Four Stars) A real treasure!” –Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times                       

“Absolutely brilliant.” –Stephen Hunter, The Washington Post

“Flawless. A great samurai film.” –Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune