Detroit Film Theatre

Alfred Hitchcock's CHAMPAGNE

Saturday, February 15, 2014

3:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(UK/1928—directed by Alfred Hitchcock)
The effervescent Champagne is Hitchcock’s rarely-seen romantic comedy about a millionaire’s decision to teach his frivolous ‘flapper’ daughter (played by the popular comedy actress Betty Balfour) a lesson in responsible living by feigning bankruptcy. Hitchcock’s characteristic experimental touches can be seen throughout the film, right from the opening shot which is filmed through a raised champagne glass. Painstakingly restored frame by frame from the only negative in existence (sections of that negative were found joined together by adhesive tape), Hitchcock’s silent Champagne includes intertitles which were completely recreated using the exact styles of the original fonts, titles and artwork. The result is as near as we’ll likely ever get to Hitchcock’s original vision. A Rialto Pictures Release, Restoration by the BFI National Archive in association with Studiocanal. Principal restoration funding provided by The Eric Anker-Petersen Charity. Additional funding provided by Deluxe 142. (105 min.)  
Live piano accompaniment by Dave Drazin.