Detroit Film Theatre

Alfred Hitchcock's THE FARMER'S WIFE

Saturday, March 01, 2014

3:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(UK/1928—directed by Alfred Hitchcock)
In his famous book of interviews with François Truffaut, Hitchcock was often dismissive of his early works, particularly the comedies. But the recent restoration of 9 of Hitchcock’s silent films has shown that he was a better director than he was a critic – at least where his own films were concerned. A case in point is this gentle, exquisitely subtle and highly enjoyable tale about a widowed landowner who decides to marry again by drawing up a list of all the eligible women in the neighborhood, wooing each one in turn – with spectacularly unfortunate results. Wonderful performances are bolstered by gorgeous location filming in Devonshire, and those images – gloriously restored – were singled out for praise by British critics of the day. The word “delightful” isn’t often used to describe Hitchcock films, but in the case of this charming 1928 comedy, the term is utterly apt. A Rialto Pictures Release. Restoration by BFI National Archive in association with Studiocanal. Principal restoration funding provided by Matt Spick, with additional funding provided by Deluxe 142. (107 min.)  
Live piano accompaniment by Dave Drazin.