Detroit Film Theatre


Saturday, March 22, 2014

12:00 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(US, various years and directors)

The shorts program will feature several tightly focused documentaries on topics ranging from a famous Detroit goat to Flint urban farmers who teach children karate. Goat Years tells the story of a boatyard mascot who is beloved—even in death—by members of a Detroit sailing club. “The Kings of Flint” follows a husband and wife who are dedicated to improving the lives of their neighbors through farming and martial arts. A Detroit Free Press documentary by Eric Seals chronicles the life of Marcus Buggs, a young man struggling to overcome the death of his father and incarceration of his mother—and become the first Buggs to attend college. The program will contain additional films. (Final time TBA)

After the film: Several of the shorts directors will be on hand for an audience Q&A, including Michael Pfaendtner (Goat Years), Troy Hale and Geri Alumit Zeldes of Michigan State University (The Kings of Flint) and Eric Seals of the Free Press.