Detroit Film Theatre

Cinetopia Film Festival: The Dog

Friday, June 06, 2014

9:00 PM Marvin & Betty Danto Lecture Hall

(U.S.A.–2013/directed by Allison Berg & François Keraudren)

The movie Dog Day Afternoon was Hollywood’s abridged version of a real-life media circus surrounding a polarizing bank robbery. Thirty years after the fact, John “The Dog” Wojtowicz provides filmmakers Allison Berg and Frank Keraudren with a provocative look into the life of the man behind the legendary robber. Quick to invoke his raging libido, The Dog details his salacious life before the robbery and his involvement in the early days of New York’s gay liberation movement. Post-robbery, John becomes a media celebrity, and not always for the right reasons. He even applies for a job at the Chase Bank he robbed. John’s unapologetic, brash personality commands everyone’s attention. Through a revealing series of interviews with his mother, his ex-wife, and a number of other friends, lovers, and activists, we’re given a complex portrait of a deeply flawed man who fought for what tore him apart: love. (100 min.) –Cleveland International Film Festival

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