Detroit Film Theatre

Cinetopia Film Festival: Life Feels Good

Sunday, June 08, 2014

2:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

(Poland–2013/Maciej Pieprzyca)
As long as he's been alive, Matuesz has heard people call him a vegetable. Crippled by cerebral palsy and unable to speak, he's been labeled mentally disabled. His parents hold out hope that he can understand them, but doctors refuse to believe he's an intelligent being. Most of them suggest he be put in a home. One even compares him to her dog. The experts are wrong, though—Matuesz thinks and feels like anyone else. For him, every day is a mission to be understood; another opportunity to prove 'em all wrong. Based on a true story, Life Feels Good is an unbelievable testament to the endurance of the human spirit. As the years go by, and the support of his family begins to dwindle, Matuesz keeps pushing, never giving up hope that one day he'll finally be heard. Life Feels Good is a profound tale of perseverance that underscores the true importance of human communication. (107 min.) –Cleveland International Film Festival
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