Detroit Film Theatre

Cinetopia Film Festival: Detroit Voices Contest Winners

Saturday, June 07, 2014

4:30 PM Detroit Film Theatre

Burned-out buildings, wild animals, corrupt officials, failing schools, bankruptcy…from The New York Times articles to French documentaries, everyone has their own version of what’s happening in Detroit. It seems like the only voice not being included is that of actual metro Detroiters! We laugh, we love, we fight, we fear, we defy, we cherish, we create; but above all, we have something to say. This screening of the entries in our Detroit Voices Short Film Competition features a range of unique stories from high school students to seasoned local filmmakers. The top student film will win a $1000 prize and the top adult film (age 18+) will win a $5000 prize. Special thanks to our sponsor, the Pure Michigan Film Office, and our community partner, Allied Media Projects.
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