Detroit Film Theatre

Italian Film Festival USA: THE STUFF OF DREAMS (La stoffa dei sogni )

Sunday, April 30, 2017

4:30 PM

(Italy/2016—directed by Gianfranco Cabiddu)

A boat carrying a small acting company, together with a group of dangerous members of Camorra, wrecks on the shores of Asinara, a prison island in the middle of the Mediterranean. From this premise develops a comedy full of plot twists, inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest and Eduardo De Filippo’s Neapolitan translation of Shakespeare’s masterpiece. The core of the story is the universal theatre: through a sequence of events involving the theatre company, suddenly growing in number with the “illegal” entrance of the ferocious Camorra mobsters, its most profound narrative comes to light, drawing upon the universal themes of love, crime, revenge, redemption, and forgiveness. Comedy. In Italian with English subtitles. Just announced: director Gianfranco Cabiddu in person!

This is the closing night of the Italian Film Festival USA in Detroit. Please visit the festival website for other films and venues.
Admission is free to the public.