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The Wedding Dance Pieter Bruegel the Elder
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The Wedding Dance (30.374) — Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Ancient Middle East Gallery Opening Celebration

Thursday, October 01, 2015 |6:00 PM

  • Special Event
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The DIA’s newly reinstalled gallery of Ancient Middle Eastern art will present remarkable ancient artifacts spanning over 8500 years (8000 BCE to 650 CE) from regions including present-day Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, and Yemen. The installation explores the relationship between technology and art in the emergence of the world’s earliest civilizations and empires.


Highlights include a powerful Assyrian king depicted on a stone slab—from a palace that was destroyed this year by ISIS militants; a panel of brightly colored glazed ceramic bricks depicting a serpent-dragon from the Ishtar Gate of Babylon; and stone reliefs from a palace at Persepolis, capital of the Persian Empire. A mosaic from the floor of a Roman house shows the Roman presence in the ancient Middle East.


The 178 objects on view also include the world’s first writing—called cuneiform—inscribed on clay tablets, as well as intricately carved stamp and cylinder seals made from semi-precious stones. These were the world’s first technologies of storing and transmitting information.


Other objects in the gallery include ceramic vessels, metalwork from Luristan in the mountains of western Iran, finely crafted jewelry, and silver and gold coins. Together the objects reflect not only the development of sophisticated technologies and art-making in the ancient Middle East, but also surprising connections to our modern world.

Enjoy cocktails and strolling Middle Eastern themed dinner and viewing of the new AME galleries with docents.   Live oud music and complimentary valet parking.


                TICKETS AVAILABLE  AUGUST 3,  2015 

To purchase tickets please click here:  AME GRAND OPENING CELEBRATION
For more information on this event and on sponsorship benefits, contact
Tarya Stanford at 313.833.1721 or Tstanford@dia.org
We would like to thank all of our sponsors. 
                                    Ali Moiin, MD and William Kupsky, MD
                  CHRISTOPHER MARTELLA

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