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The Academy of the Americas was begun in 1992 as a School of Choice within the Detroit Public School district. The school is a bilingual, double immersion school. The languages taught are English and Spanish. The objective of the school is to have students bilingual in Spanish and English by the end of the 8th grade. The school currently has 620 students in Pre-School through 6th grade.

There is a bilingual progression of instruction from Pre-School which is taught entirely in Spanish, to Kindergarten where 10% English instruction is introduced, through fifth and sixth grades which are taught 50% in Spanish and 50% in English. The majority of our students, 60%, are Hispanic, and are from Mexican, Puerto Rican, Dominican Republic and Cuban backgrounds. The remaining students are African-American and Caucasian. Some students are recent immigrants, while other families have been in this country for generations.

For more information contact:
Chrystal Griffin Academy of the Americas
5680 Konkel
Detroit, MI 48210
School telephone: 313/596-7640


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