Homework Assignment Due Week of September 15

September 8, 1997
Dear Families,
We have begun our study of Ancient Egypt with a look at some of the history, art, and culture of a time approximately 4,200 years ago! The children are already captivated by the information shared as the myths surrounding such subjects as mummies are dispelled. “No, they don’t come to life as they do in movies, children!”

We have already: locates Egypt on a world map, read Eve Bunting’s book I Am The Mummy Heb-Nefert, and viewed/interacted with a CD-ROM focusing on the construction of a pyramid.

This week, we’ll share more books about the construction of the pyramids while we begin to produce our own “Personal Pyramids.” The project will take more than a week to complete (working on it a short period of time every few days) as the children: organize a cardboard square and four triangles into a large, pyramid shape, sponge paint the sides to resemble stone, fill it with “artifacts” about themselves, and tell/write about their own families, interests and collections. Despite the fact that the pharaohs constructed their pyramids as tombs for themselves, our pyramids will, in essence, become “treasure boxes” about ourselves. Each cardboard pyramid will stand approximately 9” tall with abase sides of 8”.

As a Homework Assignment, we’d like to ask that you assist your children in gathering together a zip-loc bar (labeled with their name) filled with a number of small items which can be added to the walls and floor of their pyramid. For example, they might want to include a photograph of themselves and/or their family; magazine pictures of favorite foods, games, pets, and pastimes; and an object or two which represent a collection and/or their participation in a group activity (church, scouts, sports team). Please send the collections to class beginning on Monday, September 15 and no later than Friday, September 19.

Thank you,
Russell Moore, Peg Tornow, & Vesna Matovski

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