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Cubit Measures


As a result of this activity, students will be able to:
  • Understand the need for standard units of measure and will be able to measure the length and/or width of a variety of items. They will, in addition, be familiar with the ancient Egyptian numbering system.


Michigan Curriculum Framework: Content Standards and Benchmarks: Mathematics

Strand II Geometry and Measurement:
Standard II.3 Measurement

Students compare attributes of two objects or of one object with a standard (unit), and analyze situations to determine what measurement(s) should be made and to what level of precision.

Girl MeasuringMeasurement reflects the usefulness and practicality of mathematics and puts students in touch with the world around. Measurement requires the comparison of an attribute (distance, surface, capacity, mass, time, temperature) between two objects or to a known standard, the assignment of a number to represent the comparison, and the interpretation of the results. Measurement also introduces students to the important concepts of precision, approximation, tolerance, error and dimension.

Excerpted from: Michigan Curriculum Framework, Michigan Department of Education, 1996. For more information, contact the Office of Curriculum Development, Michigan Department of Education; 517-373-7248

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