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Use the Internet to track temperature in Cairo, Egypt to understand how weather conditions affect lifestyles. Convert centigrade to Fahrenheit measurements. For early elementary students.

Linda D. Wilson, Pierce Elementary, Birmingham


Our new First Grade Social Studies curriculum includes study of ancient and modern Egypt. The Weather Journal helps students understand some of the lifestyle differences between our local community and Cairo, Egypt. This activity is done by my class of 23 first-graders for five weeks in the spring, after my students can add double digit numbers:
  • Daily, teams of 2 children take turns going to the Internet to get temperatures in Cairo and Birmingham, Michigan [see Preparation and Resources]
  • The team records the temperatures on scrap paper and shares them with the class
  • Whole class does the conversion of the Cairo temperature; several volunteers come up to the board to do the math OR students use calculators at their desks
  • Everyone records the Cairo and Birmingham temperatures in their journals:journal.jpg
  • Fridays, the whole class discusses what patterns the temperatures have shown for the week. Teacher writes ideas on the board and group selects two to copy into their journals
  • Group discusses food, clothing, shelter in relationship to weather

    When the project was finished after 5 weeks, we discussed ways to continue to track the weather at home if you do not have a computer through the newspaper, weather channel on television, etc.

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