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Mummy Case Drawing
Two-dimensional design project for a mummy case (for upper elementary - 4th, 5th graders). Use pencil to layout decorations and fill in with felt tip markers.

Mike Hungo, McDonald Elementary School, Dearborn

#2 pencils
variety of wide and narrow felt tip markers
tag board, posterboard, or other paper board (tag board is easiest for students to cut)
have tag board cut into 9" x 24" pieces

This project takes about 6 class periods to complete. Students will shape the top and bottom of their mummy case by first rounding one corner and using that corner as a template for the opposite corner by folding, tracing the shape and cutting the other corner.

Hungo Mummy Diagram

Drawing proceeds from the top down beginning with the face, and headdress. All areas of the mummy are filled with decorative elements. I donīt give permission to go ahead with markers until the pencil layout is complete; this prevents hurried or sloppy work.

Note: This lesson is preceded by hieroglyphics activity where students learn to print their name; students can also include a name on their mummy case.

Outlining and filling in with markers is done from top to bottom so work will not smear by rubbing hands. I monitor each studentīs progress to make sure they work slowly and neatly.

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