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Mummy Case Drawing
From the collection of the DIA:
Major Resources

Ancient Egyptian ABC. Frida II, 1989.

Byrne, Robert. Ancient Egypt. Milliken

Edwards, I.E.S. Treasures of Tutankamum. Ballentine

Glubok, Shirley. The Art of Ancient Egypt. Connecticut Printers

Magnusson, Magnus. Tutankhamum and the Discovery of the Tomb.

Kids Discover Pyramids. Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Perl, Lila. Mummies, Tombs and Treasure: Secrets of Ancient Egypt. New York: Clarion, 1987.

Rowland, Plesant. The Questionary. Addison Wesley

Weeks, John. The Pyramids. Cambridge, England:Cambridge University Press, 1971.

Ancient Egyptian ABC. Farida II.

Before the drawing sessions start I talk about and show slides ancient Egypt emphasizing materials, craftsmanship and evolution of the mummy case. Lots of pamphlets, books, and visuals I have collected over 20 years of teaching cover the walls of our small art room. I also have several metal pencil boxes shaped like mummy cases Ive purchased at the DIA that the kids love to examine.

Other materials:
  • Mummy-shaped Pencil Cases. British Museum.
  • Tutankamun Exclusive Puzzle #6261. Schmidt.

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