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Egyptian Market Day
Early elementary students make products based on ancient Egyptian objects and trade them with each other in a market place setting.

Sue Vian, Greenfield Elementary School, Beverly Hills

On the chosen day for the market bartering, after about a month of preparation [see Preparation and Resources], several blankets are spread on the floor of the gym or multi-purpose room (Sample floorplan is available in the Pictures section). Each student from Teacher A and Teacher Bīs classrooms displays 2 out of their 3 different items on the blanket. Five or 6 students can use each blanket. (reserve the 3rd item to be traded in another session)

Students from Teacher A sit by their items on the blankets.
Students of Teacher B shop around the market place and find the object they want and make their trade. They can go to other blankets OR trade among their own group for a total of 2 trades.

All of the students from Teacher B will then take their place by their blanket displays and students from Teacher A will have a turn to shop and make their trade.

Teachers may assign trading partners by pairing children with similar needs OR separating certain personalities.More than one trade can be done. Music, scenery, and costumes may be part of this day as well.


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